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About Us

College History

In response to the need for talent national development and organizational reinvention, the College of City Management at the University of Taipei, approved by the Ministry of Education on June 18, 2014, was established.  The College of City Management was approved to set up 3 departments, including the Department of Urban Development, the Department of Health and Welfare and the Department of Urban Industrial Management and Marketing.  The College of City Management became the fifth college of the University of Taipei and is also the first college in terms of urban and regional studies in Taiwan.

College Features

As the country’s first college of municipal and interdisciplinary academic institutions, the three departments in the College of City Management are important components of  the field of  urban studies and they are strongly associated with each other.  In order to be more in line with the trend of world changes, the main features of the College are intended to foster professionals, to require the ability of cross-boundary integration, and to combine both design and planning expertise for achieving innovative purposes.

Vision and Educational Goals

Because the University belongs to the Taipei City Government and is located in the political and economic center of Taiwan, the College follows the University’s developmental direction in order to become a core college without borders, to create bridges between the central and local governments, and to serve as a think tank for the government at all levels of urban and rural development.  Based on  interdisciplinary educational methods, the primary educational goals of the College are as follows: 

(1)   Grasping the trends of global vision and sustainable development:

(2)   Cultivating the multivariate and innovative abilities of professionals;

(3)   Reinforcing the attainments of humanities and arts for cross-boundary personnel;

(4)  Educating the integral capabilities of theory and practice for municipal management personnel.